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Webinar 4: 2-Minute-Thesis Presentation and Poster Design

20 October: 2 PM Central Europe Summer Time (CEST)

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This webinar, as part of the IYWPC, teaches Young Water Professionals to design their 2-Minute-Thesis slide and design their Poster

  1. To learn how to design a Poster
  2. To learn how to design a 2-Minute-Thesis Slide and present it

The webinar will be presented by Tobias Barnard (University Johannesburg) and Ashton Maherry (Durban University of Technology) and covers:

  • Poster Design
  • Design Tips
  • Advice
  • Overview of 2-Minute-Thesis format
  • Slide guidelines
  • Presentation guidelines
  • Advice

 Participants should be 2-Minute-Thesis and Poster Presenters for the 8th IYWPC 


Ashton Maherry

Ashton Maherry is a Senior Researcher and the YWP-ZA National Secretary, Project Manager for the Second YWP-ZA Publications Workshop Roadshow and Programme Chair for the 8th IWA International Young Water Professionals Conference. Ashton is passionate about capacity building the young professionals. In his private capacity, Ashton is a freelance consultant specialising in GIS, groundwater and freshwater conservation. Ashton is currently lecturing part time on Environmental Sustainability at Durban University of Technology, South Africa.

Tobias Barnard

Tobias Barnard is Professor and Director of the Water and Health Centre at University of Johannesburg. He has a PhD in biochemistry and specialises in the use of molecular biology techniques for the detection of bacterial pathogens present in water, food and stool samples.

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