Local Organising Committee

A conference for young leaders, by young leaders

YWP-Canada Chapter have been recommended by the IWA Emerging Water Leaders Steering Committee, and the IWA Board to host the International Young Water Professionals Conference 2019.

The Local Organising Committee – all young water professionals – are responsible for the event experience. They manage everything related to conference management, including the conference planning, the budget (with JOC approving all costs), the venue and catering, the social events, the career fair, the technical tours and other logistics.

Local Organising Committee

  • Lloyd Fisher-Jeffers – Local Organising Committee Chair
  • Rudi Botha – Tours and Social Chair
  • Magpie Kanana – Career Fair Chair
  • Nora Hanke – YWP-ZA Chair
  • Ashton Maherry – Programme Committee Chair
  • Suvritha Ramphal – YWP-ZA Vice Chair
  • Vanessa Weber – Sponsorship Chair
  • Stuart Woolley – Finance Committee Chair
  • Niel Ramsay Louw – Communications Committee Chair
  • Kevin Winter – UCT Representative
Farnaz Daynouri-Pancino - Committee Co-Chair

Farnaz Daynouri Pancino

Conference Chair

Siva Sarathy - IWAYP Canada President

Siva Sarathy

YWP Canada Chair & Treasurer

Tanin Amerian-Venue Lead

Tasnim Amerian

Venue Lead

Alexander Imbault

Venue Lead

Nadia Koukoui

Communication Lead


Bernardo Vazquez

Communication Lead

Mahdi Bazri - Treasurer

Mehdi Bazri


Malini Ghosh

Event Lead

Roberta Maffettone

Event Lead

Stephanie Gora - Social Lead

Stephanie Gora

Social Lead

Hayat Raza - Technical Program Committee

Hayat Raza

Local Programme Committee (support)

Francesca Giaccherini - Job Fair

Francesca Giaccherini

Career Fair Lead

Medhavi Gupta_Career Fair Lead

Medhavi Gupta

Event Lead

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